Another 7.1 magnitude quake in Japan; tsunami alerts lifted

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Tsunami wave
Tokyo, Apr 11: Updates:
Sources informed that the tsunami alerts have been lifted from Iwaki city and Fukushima nuclear power plant region. No casualties have been reported yet.
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Another earthquake in Japan; tsunami alerts issued

Japan experienced another massive earthquake with 7.1 magnitude on Monday, Apr 11. The country had experienced the biggest earthquake followed by tsunami just a month back on Mar 11.

Today's (Apr 11) quake reportedly hit mainly the north and north-east region of the nation. A tsunami alert has been issued in the whole country along with the pacific region. Sources informed that radiation leak fear has not been seen in the area. Workers at nuclear plant were evacuated.

Tsunami is expected to hit Iwaki city which has been completely black out after the fresh quake on Apr 11. Power supply to the nuclear plant has been disrupted.

More than 18,000 people were killed after the first massive quake on Mar 11. A devastating tsunami followed by nuclear radiation leak rippled Japan. The Fukushima nuclear plant and its surroundings were the worst affected areas.

Recently, the country had experienced another temblor of 7.4 magnitude on Apr 7. Though tsunami alerts were lifted soon after it was issued. Four people were reportedly dead during Apr 7 quake.
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