WikiLeaks inspired Anna Hazare for fast-unto-death protest?

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WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
London, Apr 11: The 72-year-old Gandhian crusader Anna Hazare has won his battle against the government, partially, as Manmohan Singh's men accepted to set up a joint committee to draft the anti-corruption bill - 'Lokpal Bill.' After his successful movement, questions raised - what inspired Hazare to kick off his fight - whether it is the increasing corruption, scams and scandals in India or is it WkiLeaks? (Who is Anna Hazare? What is Lokpal Bill?)

Julian Assange, the chief of the whistle-blower WikiLeaks, however, claimed that his works inspired the social-activist Hazare to hold the hunger strike at Delhi's Jantar Mantar demanding drafting of Lokpal Bill in the coming monsoon session of the Parliament. (Read: Battle not ended but started - Anna Hazare breaks fast)

Recently, India was stormed over some WikiLeaks' explosions which once again fueled the old controversy of the country - cash-for-votes. A US cable made public by WiKiLeaks claimed that the UPA government led by Congress bribed some MPs in 2008 to buy the trust votes for Indo-US nuclear deal. (What is cash-for-votes controversy?)

Opposition parties raised the issue in the Parliament's budget session and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh mostly faced the wrath of the Opposition. BJP leader Sushma Swaraj criticised Singh over his inactions regarding all scams and scandals in the country.

Assange, pointing to WikiLeaks' revelation with Indian daily The Hindu, stated that Opposition parties walked out from the Parliament was led by the whistle-blower's "cablegate".

Stating about Hazare's anti-corruption movement, Assange said that Hazare's protest and Indians support to the activist was "something that has not happened since the time of Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi)."

However, stating about WikiLeaks' own transparency, its founder said, "We are directly supported on a week-to-week basis by you. You vote with your wallets every week if you believe that our work is worthwhile or not."

"If you believe we have erred, you do not support us. If you believe we need to be protected in our work, you keep us strong. That dynamic feedback, I say, is more responsive than a government that is elected after sourcing money from big business every four years," added Assange.

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