India has 1,210.2 million people reveal census report

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Indian population
New Delhi, Mar 31: The figures are out and there is some reason for India to cheer especially after it powered itself to the finals of the Cricket World Cup with style and panache. When India lauded in unison at the cricketing prowess of its heroes, now we have a figure on how many people exactly praised the men in blue. The official figures out are 1,210.2 million.

The latest figures after the Census report was out say that India's population stands at 1,210.2 million according to the provisional 2011 Census report released on Thursday. The male-female break up counts at 623.7 million males and 586.5 million females.

With the expanding population, India seem to be bursting by the seams when the Registrar General & Census Commissioner C Chandramouli said, "We have added almost one Brazil to our population in last one decade." But the situation seem to be not as bad as expected also, with India recording a decline in the population growth in comparison to the last decade. The growth rate in the last decade was 17.64 per cent against 21.15 per cent in 2001 when the last census was conducted.

Though worrisome, India seem to have woken up to the issue of rising population figures. According to the latest figures, India's population stands bigger than the combined population of USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The state-wise break-up shows Uttar Pradesh to be the most populous state and throws some interesting observations. The overall head count of UP and Maharashtra is higher than that of USA. The distinction of the most populous district went to Thane in Maharashtra. The Census Commissioner added, “Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar and Gujarat show decline in sex ratio while 29 states show an increase."

The expected expenditure for the 2011 Census was Rs 2200 crore. For enumeration purpose Rs 2.47 million blocks have been made to count population of approximately 240 million house holds.

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