Census 2011: Enumeration begins on Feb 9

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Mumbai, Feb 7: The second phase of the enumeration process for Census 2011 will begin on Wednesday, Feb 9. MS Chaudhari, Secretary GAD, Mumbai has unveiled the mascot of the enumerators for 'The Indian Census 2011'. The second phase, which extends till Feb 28, will witness 2.7 million enumerators and supervisors.

The first phase of the census was done in Apr to Sep 2010, in which enumerators have finished house listing, housing census and collection of data on National Population Register (NPR). In the second phase enumerators and supervisors will visit house to house for counting purposes.

The expected expenditure for 2011 Census is Rs 2200 crore. For enumeration purpose Rs 2.47 million blocks have been made to count population of approximately 240 million house holds. The omission rate in the Indian Census is around 1.7 per cent which is well within international norms and the effort in the ongoing Census is to further reduce this rate.

For population enumeration, 29 questions have been devised on demographic, marital status, cultural, literacy, economic, migration, travel to place of work and fertility parameters.

Special training was imparted to the enumerators with special emphasis on disability and gender and this was conducted with the help of organization like National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People and other NGO's.

New features added to 2011 census:

  • State of art designing of the schedules
  • New/revised questions on the institutional house hold
  • New category in gender parameter
  • Separate code for separated and divorced
  • New codes under status of school attendance
  • Separate code included under non economic activity

Census 2011 will be using more developed ICR technology with advanced features so as to ensure faster completion of work and bringing down to 1-2 years, the time taken to complete this process from 4-5 years in 2001.

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