Japan Tsunami: 1000 people dead, thousands displaced

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Japan tsunami
Tokyo, Mar 12: The aftermath of the massive tsunami that swept through the highly-populated regions of Northern region of Japan has been heart wrenching to watch through the various channels that broadcast nature in all its fury. Today officials are accessing the damage, not just by the raging water but the massive fire that erupted in various parts of Japan. A video of the Japan tsunami showed the extent of the damages.

An estimated 1000 people have died and thousands others displaced in the 33 foot wall of wave that engulfed everything in its way, according to the Kyodo News agency. With the Japanese suffering a number of after shocks following the earthquake of 8.8 magnitude, the damage was only multiplied.

Police sources in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture has revealed that close to 200 to 300 bodies had been found washed up on the shore. There are also reports that a ship carrying 100 people have been caught in the killer waves, but the Japanese naval and coastguard helicopters have been able to trace them and airlift those trapped inside.

There were rumours of a train being washed out and a possible dam break that led to accelerating the already pathetic condition.

The region that seem to be the worst-hit is the coast of northern Honshu island, where the monster waves wiped away more than 3000 homes on Friday. According to defence ministry estimates, 1800 homes in Minamisoma, Fukushima prefecture, were destroyed and Sendai authorities revealed 1200 houses were uprooted by the tsunami.

With the world watching Japan, evacuation attempts are on by various nations and international relief is pouring in. Calling the catastrophe, the strongest recorded in the seismically unstable archipelago, located on the "Pacific Rim of Fire".

But after a tsunami warning was sounded in as many as 20 countries, the effects were not as far-reaching as that in Japan.

The next major challenge that Japan has to face is a nuclear emergency when radiation leak was suspected in one of the nuclear plants. With a nuclear emergency issued in Fukushima power plant after the coolant failed following a mechanical failure, the authorities have evacuated close to 2800 people from the area. With no immediate threats of radiation leaks, the atomic agency officials are keeping a close watch on the situation.

Let us all hope that Japan would be able to resurrect soon from the devastating effects of the Tsunami.

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