GDA Pravega SuperSpeed USB 3.0 IP gets USB-IF Certification

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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California, Mar 10: The L&T Infotech Company's subsidiary GDA Technologies, leading Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) solution provider for the embedded, networking, and consumer electronics market, announced that its Pravega SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Dual Mode Controller IP successfully passed the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) SuperSpeed USB certification for device mode.

The Pravega SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Dual Mode Controller IP achieved this certification, by passing compliance, interoperability and Gold Suite test at the USB Implementers Forum"s test lab. Its architecture is carefully tailored to optimize link utilization, latency, reliability, power consumption and silicon footprint for a variety of applications.

The GDA"s USB 3.0, which offers 10x performance improvement over USB 2.0, also provides standard interconnect interface with the option of either AHB or AXI interface as a drop-in solution without any loss of performance and functionality in SoC implementations.

GDA claimed that its USB 3.0 Dual mode controller IP, which is now available in various markets, is simple, configurable and layered architecture is independent of application logic, PHY designs, implementation tools and, most importantly, the target technology. Its native flexible backend interface (PNPI) makes it easy to be integrated into a wide range of applications.

"Pravega Superspeed USB 3.0 cores leverage our design expertise from the popular high-speed interconnect family of IPs which has been silicon-proven and in-production in several designs. We look forward to providing our clients efficiently designed USB 3.0 Controller IP that they could leverage for their USB 3.0 Silicon programs," said Sudip Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer, L&T Infotech.

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