Pro-democracy protesters step-up pressure on Egypt''s leaders

Posted By: Pti
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Certain political figures of the erstwhile Mubarak regime, who have not been held accountable for their actions,were the target of these demonstrators.

The demonstration comes as the fact-finding missionformed to probe into the violence during protests publishedits report, which stated that Egypt''s Ministry of Interiorused live ammunition to quell protesters and vehicles to runthem over.

A micro-bus driver was shot by a policeman after aclash between them in Cairo''s suburb of Maadi.

Angry residents set police cars on fire and headed tothe police station, but the army''s presence prevented theirmarch forward.

The incident prompted disturbance among citizens whowere left wondering when the police force would be deployed tomaintain law and order.

Mubarak''s 30-year-reign over the Arab world''s mostpopulous country came to an end after more than two weeks ofnation-wide protests demanding for a democratic change. PTIRAG

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