British terrorist sentenced to five years in prison for creating extremist videos

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LONDON: A British terrorist on Friday was sentenced to five years in prison for creating extremist videos and uploading them on YouTube, London's Metropolitan Police informed.

Mohammed Gul, 23, of Elm Park Avenue, Hornchurch, was found guilty of five counts of dissemination of terrorist publications contrary to Section 2 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

During trail at the Old Bailey, it was revealed that Gul posted movies he created, as well existing extremist videos, on YouTube. In addition, the 23-year-old man made a compilation video with footage of attacks on coalition soldiers adding logos of terrorist groups and extremist commentary.

However, the jury found Gul not guilty of one count of dissemination of terrorist publications despite prosecutors' allegations that the defendant transmitted terrorist publications that could have encouraged terror attacks.

An investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service's Counter Terrorism Command was launched after Gul uploaded the fore mentioned videos between March 2008 and February 2009.

Gul used four different user accounts to post videos showing footage of attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, the making of and detonation of Improvised Explosive Devices, terrorist training camps and the 9/11 attacks in New York.

Three of the defendant's videos were blocked by YouTube due to the content of the movies. After that, Gul created a compilation video of extremist material relating to the 2008 Israel-Palestine conflict in Gaza.

"The videos posted on the internet by Gul were inflammatory and clearly had the potential to incite terrorism," said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Osborne. "The clips graphically showed acts of terrorism and the logos of known terrorist groups."

On February 10, 2009, Gul was arrested at his Hornchurch residence by Metropolitan Police officers. Two computers and a number of storage devices containing extremist material were seized as well.

"This is one of the first successful prosecutions relating to disseminating terrorist publications via the Internet and shows our commitment to tackling those who support and encourage terrorism whatever means they use," added Osborne.


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