Facebook generation rises for revolts in Libya

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Muammar al-Gaddafi
Tripoli, Feb 17: Revolts are spreading in the Arab world like wildfire. Egypt and Tunisia have successfully toppled regimes that had stuck on to power for far too long. Bahrain is burning, so are Algeria and Yemen and now Libya too is bracing up for its moment of change.

In an action that can have widespread ramifications for the incumbent Muammar al Gaddafi of Libya, protesters have decided to take to the streets for a "day of rage", an action seems to be inspired from the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia.

The planned day is Feb 17, which incidentally is the fifth anniversary of the clashes in 2006 which saw several protesters being killed by the security forces. Even the protests on Feb 16, 2011 was not without bloodshed when two people were killed by Libyan security forces.

The deaths come as protesters reportedly set on fir police outposts and chanted, "People want the end of the regime." 38 people including security officials are reported to be injured.

Social networking sites are again proving to be major stimulator for the revolts as anonymous users formed groups to incite people to join the revolts. The same method has been successful in the protests of Egypt and Tunisia.

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