Road caves in

Posted By: Pti
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New Delhi, Feb 15 (PTI) A portion of a road caved intoday, creating a five-ft-deep crater and affecting trafficfor sometime in a central Delhi area.

A portion of Hailey Road near Kasturba Gandhi Marg cavedin during rains, the second time since February 8.

According to New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), the roadcollapsed after "trenchless digging" damaged a pipelineunderneath. A five-ft-deep crater was formed and trafficpolice had to barricade the road to divert traffic.

In trenchless digging, only the sides of the road are dugto lay pipelines or other utilities instead of cutting thewhole road open. This technology is used as it does not affecttraffic much but it often leads to damage to other pipelinesbelow the road.

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