Why to be happy for Nokia-Microsoft alliance?

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Helsinki, Feb 12: The strategic alliance between the giants Nokia and Microsoft proved the proverb, 'there is no permanent enemy in business.' Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer described the alliance will increase both companies scale, which will result in significant benefits for consumers, developers, mobile operators and businesses around the world.

According to the deal Nokia will use Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS as the company's primary platform for mobiles, sidelining the current MeeGo and Symbian Oss. Also, Nokia will use Microsoft Bing for its search services and Microsoft's mapping services will use Nokia Maps.

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Nokia's official blog Nokia Conversations has published the reasons to get excited because of this "broad strategic partnership." But, Nokia has not yet announced the date to release smartphones powered by WP7 OS. Nokia and Microsoft plan to regain their lost supremacy in the gadget market. Since the launch of Google Android OS, Nokia has been facing high competition in the smartphone market. At the same time Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS has not yet grabbed much public acceptance despite of its advanced features.

Nokia's Five Reason to get excited about a Microsoft partnership:

1. Great Usability
Nokia said that Microsoft's widgets are more simpler to set up and to use. "It put the information that"s most needed by users right where you need it. Microsoft Windows Phone 7 offers great ease of use in comparison to other mobile operating systems," Nokia said.

2. Gaming at the next level
Nokia WP7 will offer more possibility of powerful console franchises appearing right on the mobile devices. WP7 lets access to Xbox Live, Angry Birds etc.

3. Office
Dealing with proper work documents on a mobile device has always been the source of a lot of pain for users. That gets a lot easier when you"ve got a mobile version of Microsoft Office, authored by Microsoft themselves. There"s no-one who wouldn"t want the easiest experience possible when it comes to reading, writing and communicating.

4. Media centre
Or rather, “Music + Videos Hub". Windows Mobile does a great job of bringing together your media in an attractive and user-friendly way.

5. Mobile Email
If you"re one of the many millions of people who depend on connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server, then you may well be looking forward to the likelihood of improved support that comes with having MS as your mobile device"s operating system provider.

Just after the announcement of Nokia-Microsoft alliance, Bloomberg reported that Apple Inc is planning to launch new "smaller and cheaper" iPhones to compete with upcoming Nokia WP7 smartphones and the Android devices. Let's wait and see the new smartphone war.

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