Corruption eating away money allotted for development: Prez

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Apra Vaidya

Nagpur, Feb 6 (PTI) President Pratibha Patil today saidcorruption is the main reason behind squandering away of themoney allotted for development.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the centenarycelebrations of ''The Hitwada'' newspaper, she noted that Indiais developing at a rapid pace and is the fourth largesteconomic system in the world as per purchasing power index.

"However, it is also true that there exists social andeconomic inequalities. For an equitable development and tomake the nation stronger, we need to do away with suchinequalities. Our first priority is to ensure development foreveryone. That''s why our economic model is designed on thebasis of inclusive development," Patil said.

"Corruption squanders away the money allotted fordevelopment. Corruption in all walks of life is the biggesthurdle for our development. It is important to completely wipeout corruption from India," she said.

"We have to think about development seriously," she said.

Patil said there are 54 crore youths in the country, whoare "our future". It is very important to provide education tothem and it is also necessary to provide medium education toall because the target is to increase the number of studentsat higher level, the President said. "Similarly, we also haveto work on technical and business education," she added.

"The goal will be truly achieved once no one goes tosleep on an empty stomach, or on an open footpath, everyonegets jobs and every children go to schools. Therefore, thegovernment has given primacy to education, development ofskills, housing, healthcare and nutrition in its programmes.

"We have to make sure that these programmes get holisticand are successfully executed so that people are trulybenefited from these," Patil said.

Referring to the role of media, she said, to sustaindemocracy and various institutions of it, presence ofsensitive and responsible media is very valuable. It plays animportant role in social integration and awakening.

There are numerous examples to show that media hashighlighted the plight of the common people and actions havebeen taken for their betterment, the President said. (More)PTI APV

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