UFO hovering above Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem seen as a hoax

Posted By: Ani
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Washington, Feb 5 (ANI): When a light was seen hovering above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem many claimed that it was a UFO, but now after careful examination of the videos taken, the suggestion that it is a hoax has emerged.

The videos, taken on January 28, show the light dropping and then hovering over the ancient Islamic shrine, and after a few moments, and a brief flash of a strobe, taking off and disappearing into the night sky.

It quickly became apparent that there were a few oddities in the footage and technical hitches that may reveal the videos' true nature: an elaborate hoax.

"If it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft, it is a very small one," Discovery News quoted Benjamin Radford, as writing in an email when commenting on the possible origin of the "UFO".

"Judging by the size and distance of the dome it apparently hovers over, it would likely be not much bigger than a limousine.

"This doesn't mean it's not a spaceship, but it does make you wonder," he stated.

When commenting on one of the videos apparently shot by American tourists, Radford noticed something was not right with the scene.

"For what is described to be (and seems to be) a brightly glowing object, it does not appear to reflect any light off the top of the Dome, which it hovers directly above," he said.

"This is especially suspicious since the dome is gold-plated, and should be highly reflective," he stated.

Radford also pointed out that even though a handful of videos have surfaced, it's still strange that more haven't come to light.

"For these and other reasons, in my opinion, it's almost certainly a hoax," he concluded. (ANI)

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