Defiant schoolboy warriors holding pro-Mubarak forces at bay

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London, Feb 5 (ANI): Anti-Hosni Mubarak protestors are defying the snipers of the tyrant Egyptian regime with the help of catapults, and leading from the front are schoolboy rebels who showed off their battlefield injuries.

Twelve-year-old Mohammed Ghozlan told how he struck back when police sharpshooters blew out the brains of comrades at his side in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Mohammed was felled when a rock smashed his head, but it did not stop him. The heavily bandaged youngster pulled a homemade slingshot from his pocket and said: "When Mubarak's men came and the shooting started I fought back with this."

"I could shoot stones much further than men could throw them. I helped hold back the attackers. I heard the shooting but was so excited I just carried on firing even after I was hit," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

"Men saw I was bleeding and dragged me back to have my head bandaged. Other youngsters did battle with catapults. I will fight again if we have to," Mohammed said.

Last night, Mubarak (82) refused to end his 30-year regime despite the huge protest.

Mohammed said: "My dad encouraged me to fight. He said everyone must fight until Mubarak goes. I sleep here, I eat here, I will stay here. We all have to fight for our future."

Businessman Khaled, 44, said: "I am proud he is fighting for his future. It is dangerous for a child but he wants to stay to fight."

Mohammed's pal Sulaiman (14) joined him on the front line when protesters forced back pro-Mubarak forces in violent clashes on Thursday, The Sun reports.

"Everyone joined the fighting - men, women and children like me - and we won. A rock hit me in the mouth but, thanks to God, I was not badly hurt and am ready to fight on," he said. (ANI)

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