Muslim Brotherhood says it is ready for transition in Egypt

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Dubai, Feb 4 (PTI) Egypt''s banned opposition MuslimBrotherhood has expressed readiness to hold talks on a"transition arrangement" in the violence-wracked nation oncondition that embattled President Hosni Mubarak steps down,the organisation''s supreme leader has said.

"We have a single point demand that unjust, tyrant andcorrupt Mubarak has to quit," Mohammed Badie, the chiefspiritual guide of the Egyptian organisation, told Al Jazeeraas tens of thousands of people held a biggest ever rallytermed "day of departure" in Cairo''s historic Tahrir Square,demanding ouster of the beleaguered Egyptian President.

Ten days into the turmoil in Cairo appears to haveemboldened the Muslim Brotherhood leadership as they surfaceafter decades of being underground.

The Muslim Brotherhood spiritual chief made anunannounced appearance on Al Jazeera saying "we stand with allpolitical forces supporting dialogue with whoever wants toimplement reforms in Egypt, but only after the exit ofMubarak."

Banned for decades and treated as Pariah, the MuslimBrotherhood has suddenly find itself shot into prominence andwithin sight of its long cherished dreams of attaining powerin moderate secular country like Egypt.

The wave of protests have come as boon to theorganisation as it is now being recognised and is playing anopen role in the politics in Egypt.

A major boost for the organisation came last nightwith the new vice president, Omar Suleiman, inviting it fornegotiations over Egypt''s future and transition to democracy.

The step amounted to a stunning concession to a groupdubbed as "bloody radical" and which the present regimeconsidered its worst enemy.

Brothers -- recognised in Egypt by sporting closecropped beards -- are dominating the anti-government protestoften praying in the middle of street battles.

The Brotherhood was founded in 1920 and outlawed in1954 and has recently renounced violence and its strain ofIslam appears far short of radicalism of Afghan Taliban.

Though some of the prominent al Qaeda leaders andcommanders have Brotherhood roots, the Jihadist militantgroups have been critical of the organisation forparticipating in elections.

The al Qaeda number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, anEgyptian by birth, is considered one of the leading figures ofMuslim Brotherhood.

But now, the new leaders of the organisation appear tobe keen to distance themselves from radical Jihadists, andorganisation''s supreme guide in his interview said his outfitwas ready to join a broader dialogue in Egypt along with otheropposition parties.

His sole demand was that Mubarak should quit.

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