Labrador Retriever is most popular dog in US

Posted By: Rama Mohan
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Labrador Retriever dog
New York, Jan 27: Labrador Retriever dog breed, with webbed paws, is the most popular dog in America for the 20th consecutive year, according to the American Kennel Club. German shepherd is ranked second and the Yorkshire Terrier third.

Labrador Regriever's webbed paws help it for swimming and retrieving fishing nets. This and their use as hunting companions gave the dog breed the name retriever.

The Club has also added three more dog breeds to its list of registered dog breeds which include an ancient Mexican breed, the Xoloitzcuintli. The Calm, "noble," pointy-eared dog, also known as Xolo, comes in three sizes. Some of their varieties are hairless.

The Club terms the Norwegian Lundehund as handsome, athletic and playful. These dogs with sure-foots hunted puffins on treacherous cliffs before the bird became a protected species.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog made its mark as a cattle herder in Switzerland. The floppy-eared breed is described as energetic, loyal and “persistent."

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