US: Yet another weekend firing, 4 injured

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Detroit, Jan 24: In another weekend shootout inside the Detroit police precinct, four officers were injured, before they shot and killed the assaulter on Sunday, Jan 23.

A gunslinger, who walked inside the police precinct opened fire indiscriminately at officers, in which a commander, including 3 sergeants were wounded.

Chief Ralph Godbee said that the gunman has been identified but it was too early to characterize him while the investigation was ongoing.

The Mayor spokeswoman Karen Dumas said, “the incident began about 4:30 pm when the man walked into the 6th Precinct in the northwestern part of the city and opened fire with a pistol grip shotgun. The man was able to shoot four officers before one or more officers returned fire, killing him."

The commander was seriously injured during the firing, and underwent an operation on Sunday. The doctors attending on him have said that he his out of danger.

The sergeants admitted to the hospital with commander, was expected to discharged on Monday. The female officer was hit in the chest but her bullet proof vest prevented her from being injured.

Earlier this month on Jan 8, in a street fire in Tucson, Arizona, the assailant killed at-least six persons including a 9-year-old girl, besides injuring 18 others. The US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was shot at the back of her head during the shootout, still battling for life in hospital.

“We have to take a step back and reassess security procedures at each one of our facilities. Incidents like this are very sobering and remind us how vulnerable we all are," Duman said.

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