Nancy Reagan loves 'My Father at 100', says Ron Reagan

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Washington, Jan 19(ANI): Former US President Ronald Reagan's son, Ron, has said that his mother Nancy loves the memoir 'My Father at 100', and it brought her to tears.

Ron said that he had asked his mother what he should tell people about her reaction to the new book, which suggests that President Reagan may have been suffering from Alzheimer's disease while in office.

"She was worried about me. She said, 'Are you all right?' I said, 'Yeah. I'm fine. But they're going to ask me what you think of the book. So, what should I say to them?" Politico quoted Ron, as saying.

"She said, 'You tell them that I've read it. I loved it. It made me cry. And I'm very proud of you,'" he added.

Soon after excerpts of the book became public last week, Ron's half-brother Michael Reagan had challenged the memoir's claims, saying that Ron "was an embarrassment to his father when he was alive and today he became an embarrassment to his mother".

Ron, however, insisted that his mother was not embarrassed by the book.

"The bit about embarrassment to your mother, that's a little strange. I just spoke to my mother last night - she didn't mention embarrassment," Ron said.

He further said that he did not wanted to get into "intra-family squabbles" about the late President's health.

"I think there's some confusion here and some misunderstanding between Alzheimer's the disease and dementia, which is a symptom of Alzheimer's and shows up in the later stages," Ron said. (ANI)

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