Oz flood induces inland tsunami; toll rises to 21

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Melbourne, Jan 12: Floods in Australia is getting worse day after day, as per the forecasters mega flood struck Australia's third biggest city. Highways out of Brisbane were banged by the heavy deluge that killed at least 10 and 78 missing. The latest death toll in Australia has reached 21 over the corresponding period last year.

The heavy torrential rain caused the rivers to spill over and crossed record water level. Queensland is badly hit by the seasonal flood. According to sources, the Queensland flood has caused devastation at a much bigger magnitude in terms of area than France and Germany put together. 

Inspite of the fact that the mega torrent lasted for 30 minutes, the aftermath was immense. People have clung to lampposts to save themselves from drowning. Floods swept cars off the roads. Families were trapped on the roofs of buildings and cars.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said, "We have seen very dramatic images of people literally hanging on for dear life to trees and to signposts."

Australian military is conducting several search and rescue operations and flying food and other supplies to flood stricken areas.

A 25ft high wave hit Brisbane and led to the breach of 16 dams. Meanwhile 30,000 families have been evacuated so far, after being hit by the worst floods from the past 120 years.

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