Requesting India's politicians to disclose wage

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Benjamin Netanyahu
Jerusalem, Jan 11: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has started a new custom, which can be used by other world leaders to make their government more transparent. He had posted copy of his government pay stub in social networking site Facebook, allowing his followers to know how much he is getting monthly.

Netanyahu posted the pay stub for a total transparency. Israeli media reported that Prime Minister went for the extreme step when the top government officials asking for a hike in their salaries. According to the Facebook post, Netanyahu is getting just 15,000 shekels ($4,200) each month.

Now, just think of the same thing in India, our Netas making their pay stub public. Not a big issue, isn't it? But, if ask them to post their 'unofficial' income? Gone!! The public is not interested in their official earnings, we all know how much it is. We are interested to know the 'other earnings'. Even Netanyahu failed to do this.

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