Will Bengal regain industries after Nano exit?

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West Bengal
Kolkata, Jan 10: It's almost two years that citing irresistible agitations, Tata group pulled out from West Bengal with their Nano car project. The chief minister of the state still vowed to regain other industries but with people's support.

"If the people are willing, then we will establish industry on the same land from where the Tatas pulled out," stated CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Jan 9 during a meeting in Singur.

"When we decided to bring the Nano factory to Singur, we had thought it would help in the economic growth of the area which would be much more than from agriculture," added the CM.

Without taking any particular political parties' names, the CM said, "But we never thought that a political party will create a situation where Tatas will have to withdraw."

In 2008, Tata group was forced to move out from the state with their Nano project as the people of Bengal with Opposition parties like Trinamool Congress showed tremendous protest over "illegal" land acquisition in Singur.

The protest was followed by bloody-Nandigram agitation which left several people dead and many others homeless.

Tata is not the first or last company which moved out from the state over unlimited protests and violence. The state has lost so many industries so far in different times. Even agriculture also was hampered by those agitations.

Bengal has been in the forefront of growth post-independence, but was embroiled in numerous red tapes and other conflicts. It is time when the ruling government and opposition get their act together to reinstate the flourishing state to its formal glory.

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