Beware, your garlic is at risk!

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Surat, Jan 3: "Without garlic I simply would not care to live," quoted Louis Diat, famous chef and food writer. Little did he realize that garlic would be such a in-demand commodity that thieves would forget gold and other precious things to steal and do away with the humble garlic instead.

After food inflation skyrocketed to dizzying heights in India, three men in Surat took the opportunity to get away with garlic and make a quick penny.

"The price of garlic has gone above Rs. 300 per stealing a sackful of garlic, these people easily made Rs. 3000-4000," explained police officer Saheb Rao Bhaskar. Imran, Arif and Rehman are the three men who got away with the 'prized possession' worth more than Rs. 50,000 from the wholesale market. Their modus operandi was to carry out their activities at the rush hour in the market, especially when the shop keepers would be busy with the customers.

Rs. 10,000 worth of garlic was recovered from the threesome, the rest was sold for a handsome profit. Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat claim to have the lions share of India's total garlic production.

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