Ahmedabad kite makers earn huge profits

Posted By: Manoj Kumar Ramesh
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Ahmedabad, Dec.29 (ANI): People involved in kite making business here are earning huge profits, as the corporate sectors are placing bulk orders of kites for advertising their companies through it.

Companies are taking full advantage of the upcoming Uttarayana festival for promoting their organisation through these kites and the kite makers are getting huge orders, which are also helping in generating employment in the province.

Kite sellers said prior to the corporate sectors contacted them for making kites in bulk, they used to keep themselves engaged only for three months in a year but now they are completely running under hectic schedule as they get orders in bulk from them.

"Earlier, we didn't have so much of work. But as the corporate companies have started investing in this business, our work has raised. Earlier, we used to work for three months in a year but now our work goes on for the whole year," said Mansoor Ahmed, a wholesale kite seller.

"The more the companies invest, the more people get employed. So, the kite business has earned a lot of benefit," he added.

People involved in kite business added that the companies find it cheap and easy way of advertising through kites.

"The companies find kites as an easy and cheap way of advertising and even the makers do not face any loss because there is a fix date on which the makers have to deliver a certain number of kites. Otherwise, if we make kites, then we have tension of selling those kites in the market," said Rasul Shaikh, a kite stall owner.

"So, the workers are benefited because they have a fix date. Till that date the worker has to produce a certain number of kites. And the companies come and take their ordered kites," he added. By Uday Adhvaryu (ANI)

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