Husband gives euthanasia to wife with a screwdrive

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Taipei, Dec 28: An 83-year-old man in Taiwan claimed that he performed euthanasia to his wife to end her prolonged sufferings. The accused name Wang Ching-hsi, a retired Engineer, killed his 80-year-old wife on Sunday, Dec 26.

The victim name Sun Yuan-ping, who suffered from broken leg along with Parkinson disease. She was taken care by her husband. Their children were migrated to US.

Wang, first gave sleeping pills to her, later he used hammer to knock screwdriver into her skull. Killing his wife the old man walked to police station and admitted the crime. And claimed that it was a “mercy killing."

The mercy killing or euthanasia is still illegal in Taiwan. However, the Taiwan govt passed a draft in Jun. This draft allows family to stop medical support for people, who have prolong suffering, which prevents them from eventual death.

The couple earlier discussed to commit suicide to escape from the old age illness. Even Wang had mentioned about this, in one of his blog.

"We have lived enough. We discussed it a decade ago. If she died before me, it would be her good luck. If necessary, I would punch a hole in her head with an electric saw," he wrote on Dec 1.

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