Swiss bank orders female staff to wear loose-fitting skirts, flesh-coloured undies

Posted By: Anita Nair
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London, Dec 16 (ANI): One of the world's top investment banks has issued a 44-page dress code to its staff, and it includes female workers being ordered to wear loose-fitting skirts and flesh-coloured underwear.

The guidance from Swiss firm UBS was very clear in specifying that flashy jewellery, coloured artificial nails, tight skirts and coloured underwear are not part of the dress code for women.

"You should not wear flashy jewellery or skirts that are too tight behind," the Daily Mail quoted the rule as stating.

"Underwear must not be visible against clothing or spilling out of clothing. Rather, they should be flesh-coloured under white shirts.

"Women should not wear shoes that are too tight-fitting as there is nothing worse than a strained smile.

"Tattoos, piercings and ankle-chains are not desirable and do not give an impression of professionalism.

"Employees should also ensure that natural roots are not showing if they have coloured their hair, and not wear fancy and coloured artificial fingernails," it added.

Where men are concerned, the rule says they are not to wear tie that don't "match the bone structure of the face".

"You should wear a straight-cut two button jacket and trousers that make up part of a classic professional suit," it stated.

"Wear only ties that match the bone structure of the face and do not wear socks with cartoon motifs.

"Three days of stubble is not permitted and a visit to the barber is recommended once every four weeks," it added.

Employees of both sexes are also urged to "avoid smelling of strong scent, garlic, onion and cigarette smoke".

The move is part of a bid to improve the image of UBS, which suffered after it accepted a 37 billion pounds bailout - Europe's biggest - in the 2008 financial crisis.

A UBS spokesman said clients and staff had reacted well to the rules.

"The reputation of UBS makes up our most precious asset. So adopting irreproachable behaviour implies having an impeccable presentation," it said in a statement. (ANI)

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