US-India 'pat-down' keeps Google busy

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Bengaluru, Dec 9: "Patting down", has hogged the internet in India to a large extent. The term was in the limelight owing to the Indian diplomat in the US airport creating a furore because she was frisked as a security effort. While "patting down" made a rage in the Indian political circles, the term has become a mass searched word in the Google world on Dec 9.

Its rarely that people go out of their way to search for a news-highlighted person. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, too evoked curiosity in the World Wide Web as people wanted to know who had the guts to mess with the Indian business tycoon, Ratan Tata. The open-letter writing from both parties has become fodder for many media houses. It was only fair that people wanted to know who the man in question was. The Karnataka MP has gained enough interest on the internet even if he is not able to clear the gigigantic telecom mess that has been unleashed amongst us.

People's curiosity were awakened when "patted-down" did not go down well with the English-speakers in India. All wanted to know what the term meant. They even went one step further by searching different variations, like pat-down, patting down, patted down etc...Meera Shankar, was searched only later and evoked compartively less interest among online users. Soon, jokes and small talk might be laced with the apparent "latest" terminology- "patted down".

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