Are all movie-watching experiences enjoyable?

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Washington, Dec 8 (ANI): Remember the last time you were watching a movie with your parents when a steamy love scene appeared and you didn't know where to hide your face? Well, that's normal, after all, every movie-watching experience is not enjoyable or positive, says a study.

A new study has shown that all squirming and averting of eyes is normal, especially when your parents accompany you.

Some movies make us feel downright uncomfortable or disturbed in their content and delivery, while others are inspirational, touching, or have us rolling on the floor.

However, your movie watching companion also determine how much you will enjoy a particular film; this includes your parents, your first date, or someone you do not know very well.

According to the findings if a film is especially unenjoyable to us, containing gratuitous graphic sex or violence, profane language, or a troubling theme, we are not likely to want to run out and buy the DVD.

However, we are more likely to desire to see a difficult movie again if it made us feel sad rather than disgusted.

The authors also pointed out that we at times could be simultaneously repulsed and perversely drawn to an extreme depiction or emotion while watching a film.

The first section of the two-part study employed a survey of a pool of over 335 undergraduates attending a large Midwestern U.S. university.

Recurring movies with negative associations included 'Brokeback Mountain,' 'American History X,' 'Borat,' and 'Crash.'

The results indicated that dramas were the most likely to elicit a negative response or discomfort, followed by comedies.

Lead author Richard Harris said, "Sometimes a normal emotional reaction may be overridden by other factors. For example, although watching an athlete get hurt in a ball game would normally elicit an empathic response from a fan, if that player is a member of the hated opposition team, there may be a dispositional override, where the fan may not only fail to empathize but may actually feel positive affect at seeing the injury."

"Applying this to affect induced by co-viewers, although watching a comedy with a lot of sexual banter and raunchy language might normally elicit amusement and general positive affect in many young adults, these responses may be overridden by concern over the presence of young children as co-viewers," he said.

According to the study college students were the most repulsed by the idea of watching a movie with sexual content with their parents.

The second part of the study assessed the students' movie viewing experiences by how they responded to a high level of discomfort.

When watching a negative movie, women were much more likely to express their distaste to their movie-watching partner, whereas men were more avoidant of the situation and were more likely to pretend they were enjoying a movie.

The findings were published in Applied Cognitive Psychology. (ANI)

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