WikiLeaks founder Assange asks Obama to resign

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
Madrid, Dec 6: The founder of whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has asked United States President Barack Obama to resign over the allegation of US officials' spying on leaders of United Nations (UN).

During an internet chat with Spanish daily El Pais on Sunday, Dec 5, Julian Assange, who is under cover in United Kingdom, asked Obama to resign if he had asked officials to spy on UN leaders.

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"The whole chain of command who was aware of this order, and approved it, must resign if the US is to be seen to be a credible nation that obeys the rule of law. The order is so serious it may well have been put to the president for approval," said Assange.

"Obama must answer what he knew about this illegal order and when. If he refuses to answer or there is evidence he approved of these actions, he must resign," he added.

The diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks had exposed that Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton, asked US officials to spy on UN leaders and to collect biometric details about UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon.

Mean while, WikiLeaks has released more than 355 mirror websites to continue the publication of diplomatic cables. The website told that it has been under heavy hack attacks, so it released the mirror websites, the exact copy of the original website, to carry on the work even if the original website hacked.

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