Cell phones a hot favourite among the dead!

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Person with Cell Phone
London, Dec 2: Do you love something or someone so much that you want to take them with you to the grave. If cell phones are something that fits into that category, fret not, you are not alone. A new survey reveal that around 1.5 million Britons want their mobile phones beside them in the coffin when they take their final rest in peace.

The survey commissioned by the Post Office financial services, opined that people need to plan their funerals, rather than leave loved ones confused on what their real wish were. A shift from the traditional notions of funerals, British families consider the occasion as a a celebration of life, rather than a time for tears.

While other priorities for women in her final resting place was a cuddly toy or a picture of a family pet, the men preferred a bottle of drink, the national flag or a packet of cigarettes. The bible also featured in the wish list for women placing it in the seventh position, while for men in dipped to the ninth position below a pack of cigarettes, a picture of a family pet and a mobile phone.

The materials used for the coffin has undergone a makeover as well. From coffins made of green materials such as bamboo or wicker to those decorated with the colours of a football team.

Choice of clothes was also surprisingly important for fashion-driven Brits. A meagre 14pct wanted a favourite outfit when in the coffin, one person even chose a George Michael tour t-shirt and another one a wetsuit.

Managing Director of Funeral Planning for Co-op, which is the UK's largest funeral plan provider, Ian Mackie, said: "In recent years there has been a move away from the traditional set format of the funeral. People are now asking for a more individual ceremony that reflects the life of the person who has died," Mackie said.


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