Brit Muslims, Hindus hijacking Christmas, feel UK town residents

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Nov.19 (ANI): ABOVE: British residents Rochdale, a large market town in Greater Manchester, England, have expressed anger and dismay over local Muslims and Hindus "hijacking" the forthcoming Christmas celebrations festivals with their own popular festivals such as "Eid" and "Diwali".

According to the Daily Star, angry Christian residents have rejected the Rochdale Council view of maintaining the lights of Christmas, Eid and Diwali together to "represent the community", even though celebrations of the latter two have already finished.

Councillors are said to be anxious not to offend other faiths.

One angry father told the Daily Star: "It's like Christmas is being hijacked. It's mad. Why do we have these lights up for Eid and Diwali when they've finished?

He added: "We wouldn't go around putting Santas up on any of these festivals."

"The lights look fantastic ... but I don't see why they have to have all these other festivals in them," another resident said.

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, West Yorks, said: "I've no idea why local authorities up and down the country are so ashamed of celebrating Christmas.

Davies added: "All this kind of pussyfooting around is done in the name of not offending other people from other faiths. But it tends to be done by white middle-class people with some kind of bizarre guilt complex." (ANI)

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