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Tamil version of award-winning Malay film 'Papadom' to hit the screens

By Nairita Das

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 18 (ANI): 'Appalam', a Tamil version of director Afdlin Shauki's Malay hit movie 'Papadom', is all set to hit the big screen.

Shauki who has directed 'Appalam', has a multi-racial cast like Gana, Jaclyn Victor, Afdlin, Sharifah Amani and Raja Ilya.

Made with a budget of RM1.5mil, Appalam is the first local Tamil film shot in a 35mm film format in 24 years.

The comedy revolves around an over- protective father Samy (played by Gana), who has to play mum and dad to his only daughter Shruti (played by Raja Ilya) upon the sudden death of his wife (played by Jaclyn Victor).

Appalam embraces the Malaysia spirit with characters that break cultural moulds, such as a Malay girl (played by Sharifah Amani) who understands Tamil while the eye candy of the film, Ilya, is of Malay-Malayalee parentage herself.

"I speak Malay and Malayalee at home. But I learned Tamil and bharatanatyam for the movie," the Star Online quoted Ilya as telling the Daily Chilli.

Afdlin said human emotions cut across racial and language barriers.

"I would ask the actors to re-shoot their scenes if I couldn't feel their emotions," he said.

Victor said it was not difficult playing a pregnant woman.

"But I did fall down and hurt my knee with my (fake) belly," she added.

Produced by Tayangan Unggul, Appalam will open in Malaysian cinemas and in Singapore on Nov 25.(ANI)

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