Sarah Palin slams 'American Idol' in soon to be released book

Posted By: Nairita Das
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Washington, Nov 18 (ANI): Sarah Palin has slammed popular talent show in her soon to be released book 'America by Heart'.

The site, Palingates, which calls the book "one of the most stomach-turning reading experiences you will ever encounter in your life," but admits that, if anything, it's "not boring," has posted several scanned pages and excerpts from the book.

One issue the site has is Palin's distaste for the popular talent show "American Idol' as she thinks "Idol" sends the wrong message.

"On American Idol, of course, these self-esteem-enhanced but talent deprived performers eventually learn the truth. After they've embarrassed themselves for the benefit of the producers, they are told in no uncertain terms that they, in fact, can't sing, regardless of what they have been told by others," the Politico quoted her as saying.

She goes on to argue that someone should tell those without musical talent who audition for "Idol" that they need to work on their ear-piercingly bad voices before trying out for the show.

"Instead, a growing chorus of voices is trying to convince our kids that hard work isn't necessary anymore," Palin added..

As much as she doesn't like the show that birthed pop star Kelly Clarkson and country crooner Carrie Underwood, she would probably take an "American Idol" marathon over an afternoon spent in the company of Levi Johnston any day. (ANI)

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