iPhone users oversleep due to new alarm glitch

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, Nov 2: A new glitch has been reported by iPhone users, who woke up angry and frustrated on Tuesday, Nov 2 morning as the Apple phone's alarm failed to ring on time.

iPhone owners, who slept beside their trusty phone to do the job of waking them up in the morning, were in for a rude surprise when they found that they had overslept and were running late almost by an hour.

"I can't believe Apple can't even get something as basic as an alarm clock right. I woke up late and my boss was not happy when I got in, and I'm sure the same thing happened to thousands of people," James Oakley (26) from London said.

The latest glitch error stemmed from the iPhone's recurrent alarm feature. The alarm setting remained the same as it was before the clocks were changed at the weekend, reported the Daily Mail.

iPhone users fled Twitter and other outlets on the internet to vent out the frustration as well as to make fun of Apple over the all new alarm glitch.

"Daddy, do you remember where you were during the great iPhone alarm calamity of 2010?' 'No son, I was asleep'," wrote Garrettc.

"Ben's iPhone alarm didn't go off this (Tuesday) morning, used it as an opportunity to tell him younger, newer models aren't always the better option," commented 83-year-old Siobhan.

Apple iPhone has already come under heavy criticism in the past over its reception problems as well as the recently-reported glitch that people could access the iPhone without knowing the security keycode.

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