Apple set to revolutionize TV?

Posted By: Nitsi
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London, Oct 25 (ANI): When Apple TV was launched four years ago, it bombed - but this autumn, with YouView, the British internet TV box just round the corner - Apple has one more shot.

The new Apple TV is tiny - not much bigger than iPhone - and costs just 99 pounds. Its exterior temperature is also far less alarming.

The hard drive has been stripped out. To use, it's as simple as a set-top box, with Internet radio, films and your home PC video libraries popping up from a single menu. You just rent, picking from an excellent library of films for 3.49 pounds a go, reports the Daily Mail.

You can also watch YouTube, although typing via a remote is an unbearable fiddle that leaves co-viewers fidgeting. Whatever you're watching, though, is colourful and clear - although it's 720p, not Full HD.

Rival film-rental services offered by games consoles largely offer 'male interest' films - i.e., packed with aliens and explosions. Apple TV is refreshingly unisex.

And it's far better controlling it using an iPhone app than the finicky metal remote. (ANI)

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