Brit couple beats odds of 48m to 1 with 3 kids born same day, different years

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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London, Oct 14 (ANI): A couple in Britain has three children who were born on the same day but different years, beating the odds by an astonishing 48 million to one.

Jennifer and Driss Allali welcomed their latest child, Sami, born on October 7, and he shares the same birth date as his brother Adam, three, and sister Najla, five.

"We didn't plan this. It's a complete surprise and we still can't believe it has happened," the Daily Mail quoted Jennifer, a brain injury nurse from Eastbourne, East Sussex, as saying.

"Just a few days before Sami was born we thought 'Oh my gosh, it could be the 7th again'. We didn't focus on the dates but now it's happened it's amazing.

"I was in the middle of blowing up balloons for Najla and Adam's birthday when the contractions started. Driss was out so I waited for him and he took me to hospital.

"The midwives couldn't believe it when we told them. Three children on the same day must be some sort of record," she said.

Jennifer, who met her husband, a tour guide in Marrakech, while backpacking in Morocco in 2000, is happy with the turn of events, though a little apprehensive about how to celebrate their birthdays a few years later.

"The birthdays are going to be a logistical nightmare. If we think ahead, Najla will turn 21 on the same day Adam will be 19 and Sami 16. Imagine that," she stated.

Roger Heath-Brown, professor of Pure Mathematics at Oxford University, said the odds of the couple's children all being born on the same date were 48,627,125 to one.

"It really is a very unusual occurrence," he added. (ANI)

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