Conker Champion thanks 'kinetic energy theory' for his success

Posted By: Nitsi
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London, Oct 11 (ANI): All it takes is a mathematical equation to win the World Conker Championships, the winner revealed yesterday.

Ray Kellock, who took the title at the 46th contest for the second time, said he had perfected the 'kinetic energy theory' that brought him success in 2008.

"It's all about potential energy, according to my son anyway, who's a Batchelor of Engineering," The Scotsman quoted Kellock, from Rushden, Northants, as saying.

"He says that it's all about kinetic energy and potential energy. We only had kinetic energy two years ago and now we've got potential energy factored in too," he added.

"It's all about how you hit it and where you hit it. We didn't quite perfect it last year, that's why we didn't win," Kellock said.

Around 350 adults and 700 juniors took part in the competition yesterday in Northamptonshire. (ANI)

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