Gilani wants judiciary, army included under accountability bill besides politicians

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Islamabad, Sep 23 (ANI): Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that he would support an accountability bill which would hold everyone across the board accountable, as it was unacceptable that only politicians were declared corrupt while others claimed to be 'pious'.

"I shall support the accountability bill. Accountability should be across the board including politicians, the judiciary, armed forces and bureaucrats," The News quoted Gilani, as saying in the National Assembly, in response to a point raised by the Leader of the Opposition Nisar Ali.

"We respect the verdicts of the judiciary and will implement them in accordance with the Constitution passed by parliament. However, we will not allow any institution to transgress its limits nor will we overstep the limits of anyone," he added.

Noting that there was "a slight difference between accountability and victimization," Gilani said, "We shall sit with the opposition to bring a consensus accountability bill to the House and adopt it unanimously."

"Let everybody face accountability. When the judiciary and the Army come under criticism, they unite but when we come under criticism, we become fragmented. Let us also stand united and make parliament sovereign," he pointed out.

In the wake of reports of corruption in the PPP-led government, he said that every time governments were dissolved on corruption charges, but those taking over in the name of accountability, did not hold themselves accountable. "Rather, they come, hold local government elections and form king's party and in that party also they include those whom they earlier used to charge of corruption."

"We render sacrifices for democracy but are blamed of corruption every time and are sent to homes. But, now accountability should be for everybody and across the board," Gilani underlined. (ANI)

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