Marigold farmers adopt 'Poly Greenhouse' cultivation in Tamil Nadu

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu), Sep 21 (ANI): The farmers of Tamil Nadu's Krishnagiri District are delighted with the success of the 'Poly Greenhouse' method of cultivation for they have had a sharp increase in the yield of marigold flowers.

This new method of cultivation gives enhanced yield, and also keeps the crop safe from pests and diseases.

"Earlier, farmers grew marigold in open condition, thereby the farming was prone to natural calamities, pest and diseases. They also were unable to maintain or manage the crops. So, they started growing marigold in Poly Green House condition," said State Horticulture Department Assistant Director Ramesh T. Nargud.

"Once they started growing the crops under these conditions, the farmer was able to manage the crop with high yields," he added.

For farmers, it is a win-win situation, as their yield brings increased profit.

"We are farming marigold as per poly greenhouse method on 1,000 square meters of land. We get 500 kilograms of flowers, and our income has increased from one lakh to five lakhs," said Radha Krishna Reddy, a marigold farmer.

The farmers grow 2,000 plants in every 1,000 square meters of area and treat them with fertilizers and drip irrigation.

The mature flowers are plucked 35-40 days after sowing, giving an initial yield of 300 kilograms which goes on for as long as eight months. The yield, then, increases to as much as 700 kilograms, boosting profits all around.

The initial costs run to Rs 325,000 and farmers are also provided with seeds and fertilizers, which, however, are withdrawn after the first yield.

Marigold flowers with their cosmetic, medicinal and religious uses have always been in great demand. The nominal value of these flowers in off-season is Rs 30-50 per kilogram that rises to Rs 60 during peak season. (ANI)

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