Police in Singapore help love triangle stay cordial

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Kuala Lumpur, Sept 18 (ANI): A love triangle between a woman and two men in Singapore was saved when the three decided to take a dispute the men had to a police station.

The woman is in love with both the men and they have all been staying under the same roof for the past six years.

According to the Sin Chew Daily, a conflict erupted between the two men, and since all three did not want to break their relationship, they decided to go and get help from a police station.

Though details of the dispute were not given, it was revealed that the police was able to help them maintain the cordial relationship between the three.

The 47-year-old woman, known only as Chen, said the two men in her life hardly talked to each other.

The love triangle came about after her first boyfriend Du, 48, left her a year after they met. She started dating Huang, 42, two years after her break up, and when the former came back, she kept him too.

"Du is my first love. I cannot let him go. I know it is not fair to Huang but there's nothing much I can do about it," the Star Online quoted her as saying. (ANI)

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