Ryanair pilot's cost cutting idea: replace boss Michael O'Leary

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Sept 15 (ANI): A senior Ryanair pilot has proposed a novel way for the budget carrier to save even more money - replacing boss Michael O'Leary with cabin crewmember.

Morgan Fischer outlined his idea in a letter to the Financial Times after O'Leary, 49, said that a co-pilot was not required to help fly a plane and that a cabin crewmember can just as easily do the job.

In an interview O'Leary said he was seeking permission from aviation authorities to let Ryanair use just one pilot on short-haul flights as "the computer does most of the flying now", making co-pilots redundant.

Fischer, who trains Ryanair pilots at its Marseille base, wrote the letter in a jocular fashion, but it contained a deadly serious message to O'Leary.

"As a Ryanair employee, I am aware of the company's desire to reduce costs whenever feasible, and in so doing, pass on these lower costs in the form of lower fares to the travelling public," the Guardian quoted Fischer as writing.

"I would propose that Ryanair replace the chief executive with a probationary cabin crew member currently earning about 13,200 euros net a year.

"Ryanair would benefit by saving millions of euros in salary, benefits and stock options.

"Further, there will be no need to petition either Boeing or governmental aviation regulators for approval to replace the CEO with a cabin crew member; as such approval would not be required," he added. (ANI)

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