One in 30 Britons have never done a day's work in their lifetime, says report

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London, Sept 14 (ANI): One in 30 Britons, about 1.4 million, have never done a day's work in their lifetime according to the Department for Work and Pensions statistics.

There are reportedly 41 million people of working age in the UK. Of the 1.4 million without a job, around 700,000 are 25 to 49 years old. Just 100,000 are aged 50 to 64, suggesting older people are less work-shy.

The total includes people with disabilities but the majority is believed to be long-term unemployed, single parents on income support and NEETs - those Not In Education, Employment or Training.

According to The Sun, the Government branded the statistics report as Labour's "dreadful legacy" and a "shocking waste of human talent".

"This is a shocking waste of human talent. It cannot be right to leave so many people to spend their whole life on benefits without challenging and pushing them to do something better," Employment Minister Chris Grayling said.

Meanwhile, Chancellor George Osborne defended Treasury plans to slash another 4 billion pounds off the benefits bill, taking the total cuts to 15 billion pounds.

He warned that the Government will stamp out benefits as a "lifestyle choice", and added: "The current system is not protecting those who genuinely cannot work, nor is it helping those looking for work to find a job quickly."

The State reportedly spends 195 billion pounds every year on benefits and pensions, which is more than a quarter of all spending.

Last week, it was discovered that not a single member in almost four million households across the country work.(ANI)

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