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Google users play with colourful interactive balls

By Samyuktha

New Google Doodle - Interactive Balls
Mountain View, Sep 7: Google has unveiled yet another interactive doodle to succeed the super sensational Buckyball of Sep 5.

The playful doodle, which comprises of colourful balls, has left several wondering what exactly they are. As of now, they have been dubbed 'HTML5 Balls' and 'Google Balls'.

Users began tweeting on the doodle immediately after spotting the balls on the home page. Even though they had no idea as to what the balls signified, all of the comments showed that the Google balls were an immediate hit.

"Google is made out of bouncing balls today. Any idea why?" tweeted a user Ron Yatco.

The users have admitted that the balls, which move around when the cursor hovers over them, are tempting them to while away their time for hours.

Another tweet from a user, who identifies himself as WoodlandDave, reads, "Loving the Google homepage sign today - chasing the exploding balls around with the mouse cursor - addictive in a control freakish way."

The balls which move around finally regroup to write the word 'Google'.

The Google balls follow the spinning Buckyball, which decked the Google home page on Saturday, Sep 5.

The Buckyball, a spherical fullerene, which is a molecular compound made up entirely of carbon, became web-world popular as the search engine giant decided to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the discovery of the 'buckminsterfullerene'.

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