Former Pak army chief says no possibility of martial law in Pakistan

Posted By: Mamatha
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Lahore, Sept 5 049(ANI): Pakistan's former army chief General Mirza Aslam Beg, has said that after facing defeat in Afghanistan, the United States intends to introduce a military regime in Pakistan, but there is no possibility of martial law as of now.

The refusal of General Kayani to become America's puppet, as well as the commitment of the judiciary and the opposition PML-N towards safeguarding democracy, has made it impossible for Washington to materialize its intentions, The Nation quoted Beg, as saying.

"Thus a conspiracy being hatched by the US stands effectively frustrated," he said.

Beg also pointed out how a CIA-financed newspaper has mentioned in its editorial that the US had failed to achieve its targets.

The US was thinking of quitting Afghanistan, and needed Pakistan's support at this juncture, and also wanted to have its own setup in Islamabad, Beg said, adding that Pakistan would remain a democracy, despite its flaws and inadequacies.

When inquired why the army was not making its stand clear, Beg said the army was not going to intervene in the present political system as it was still working towards improving its image tarnished by past interventions. (ANI)

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