Vermicelli sales in Gorakhpur shoot up during Ramadan

Posted By: Nairita Das
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Gorakhpur, Sep 3 (ANI): The sale of vermicelli, or 'seviyan' as it is popularly called in India has shot up during the fasting month of Ramadan.

'Seviyan' forms an intrinsic part of Ramadan meals, as people prefer to eat it when they break their fast every day of the month.

"The 'seviyan' or 'lachha' (vermicelli), which is handmade, is ready to eat. People prepare it with milk and dry fruits. Our vermicelli is sent to far off places like Bihar, Nepal, Mumbai," said Babloo Bhai, a vermicelli manufacturer.

Manufacturers say they are flooded with orders during Ramadan.

"Our vermicelli is very famous. People send our vermicelli to their relatives at far off places like Kolkata, Nepal. It is an important dish during Ramadan month," said Faiz Ahmad, a vermicelli wholesale seller in Gorakhpur.

Muslims awaken before dawn to have an early meal called 'Sahar'. They fast during the day until the call for the Maghrib, their fourth prayer of the day, at sunset. by Pawan Kumar Shah (ANI)

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