Now, adjustable glasses for astronauts with deteriorating eyesight

Posted By: Samyuktha
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Washington, August 26 (ANI): Glasses that adjust with the flick of a finger may offer a solution to astronauts with deteriorating eyesight, say NASA scientists.hey are evaluating the glasses to see if they are durable and safe enough to be used by astronauts in orbit.

The glasses, known as TruFocals, are already being sold commercially.

TruFocals contain two pairs of lenses - rigid outer lenses and flexible inner lenses that have a transparent expandable pouch.

"You always had the feedback circuit built into your brain for focusing. You just have to redirect that impulse to your finger," Discovery News quoted inventor Stephen Kurtin, with Zoom Focus Eyeware, as saying.

The glasses have the rigid outer lenses, which are manufactured to meet an individual's prescription for distance vision - or left clear if none is needed. The flexible inner lenses have a transparent expandable pouch that holds a small amount of liquid silicon oil.

Adjusting a slider bar on the bridge of the frame pushes the fluid around the pouch, changing the shape of the lenses.

Kurtin's glasses have round lenses, which he says is the optimal shape for focusing vision. (ANI)

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