Men not as good as women when it comes to grocery shopping: Oz study

Posted By: Nitsi
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Melbourne, Aug 25 (ANI): Men shop nearly 40 percent of the grocery, but they are not as good and organized as their female counterparts, says a new research.

The study, conducted by Gary Mortimer of QUT school of business, found that men tend to shop more often but bought less per shop.

They also planned less and spent more per item than women.

While a 35 percent of men "shopped like a woman" by reading catalogues, checking prices and making lists, the majority did not.

"Men will seldom use lists, unless one has been prepared for them, and men will rarely read catalogues," the Courier Mail quoted Mortimer as saying.

"Women, in contrast, read store catalogues, prepare lists and plan their grocery shopping effectively," he said.

Dr Mortimer said men tend to shop four times a week compared to twice a week for women.

Men also often purchased unplanned items, which was possibly the result of poor planning or to compensate for time spent shopping.

Mortimer said research from Nielsen conducted earlier this year found 40 percent of primary grocery shoppers were men.

The research also showed a high percentage of male shoppers were in the 25 to 35-year age bracket, suggesting men growing up in the 1970s and 1980s were conditioned by feminist ideals and working mothers. (ANI)

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