Afghan airline in-flight magazine presents country's gory side to passengers

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, Aug 20 (ANI): An Afghan airline, Safi Airways, has presented "interesting" facts about the problems in the country in its magazine, by featuring articles on Kabul heroin addicts, dog fighting and hotel security after suicide bombings, with headlines like "Live Entertainment in Kabul: Dog Fighting," having caught the readers' attention.

"I would like it to be a magazine where you can read interesting things, not just get brainwashed by some marketing agency that says you can't show problems," quoted the magazine's German editor Christian Marks, as saying.

One recent edition had reportedly featured a long, approving piece headlined, "Live Entertainment in Kabul: Dog Fighting, in which the writer said that dogs in Afghanistan do not fight to the death, just until one proves dominant.

"They are usually pulled apart before they can inflict serious damage on each other," the article assured passengers, despite printing the photograph of two worried Afghans carrying away a limp black-and-white canine from the site of the fight.

Safi flies to places like Kabul, Frankfurt, Dubai and Kuwait.

Its passengers are mostly aid workers, security consultants, journalists, defence contractors and diplomats, who visit the war zone with eyes wide open.

"Let's face it - anyone who is going to Afghanistan is not some tourist who is going hiking," said the airline's chief commercial officer Claus Fischer. (ANI)

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