NATO, UN considering Taliban proposal of joint investigation into Afghan civilian deaths

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, Aug 17 (ANI): NATO and the United Nations are reportedly considering, in a cautious way, a Taliban proposal to set up a joint commission to investigate allegations of civilians being killed and wounded in the conflict in Afghanistan.

The Guardian quoted a spokesman for the UN, which has for years had unofficial contacts with insurgents and sees itself as an independent arbitrator in the conflict, as saying, "We are aware of the statement and we are considering it."

"Some senior officers at the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) are keen on the idea but that no steps could be taken until it is considered at the highest political level," a western diplomat said.

The Taliban's statement, which was posted on its website, would revive a divisive debate about whether to conduct any formal talks with insurgents who are responsible for the majority of civilian casualties in Afghanistan, and whose assassination campaign now kills one person a day on average, the paper said.

The Taliban statement called for the establishment of a body consisting of members from the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, UN human rights investigators, NATO and the Taliban.

"The stated committee should be given a free hand to survey the affected areas, as well as people, in order to collect the precise information and the facts and figures and disseminate its findings worldwide," the Taliban said in the statement. (ANI)

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