US spots out 5 most dangerous terror groups in Pak

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Washington, Aug 15: US special Pak-Afghanistan envoy stated that al-Qaeda, Taliban"s Haqqani network and LeT are among five of the "most dangerous bad guy groups."

It also added that the terror groups, which are mainly based in Pakistan"s lawless tribal belt and have been targeting countries like the US, Britain and India.

"Our enemy is al-Qaeda. They lurk across the border in the tribal areas of Pakistan, the very areas that have been just hit by the floods," the convoy continued.

First is the Afghan-Taliban, which expeditionary force in Afghanistan closely allied. Second is Pakistani-Taliban.

Now the Pakistani-Taliban targets the Pakistanis, but the Times Square bomber (Faisal Shahzad) went and got trained, luckily badly trained, by the Pakistani Taliban, said the sources.

"Fourth, you have the infamous Haqqani group, a ruthless separate group focused in North Waziristan, which is in Pakistan but raids all the way into Kabul," said the envoy official.

It added, "the last group, is a group that the Americans don"t pay any attention to called the LeT, but the Indians sure pay attention because it is the LeT who attacked Mumbai in Dec of 2008."

"The sequencing and the level and pace of all that is something that president Obama will determine after he holds his policy review later this year in Dec (2010)," he added.

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