BJP supports central government on its efforts to solve Nepal crisis

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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New Delhi, Aug 14 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Saturday extended its full support and cooperation to the central government, in its attempts to end the political stalemate in Nepal.

Senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh, called on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss the issue, and urged that democracy be re-instated in Nepal.

"We met the Prime Minister today to express BJP's concern over the political turmoil in Nepal. We told him that democracy should stay put there at any cost and whatever stand the government takes on Nepal issue, we will fully support them. I believe that on an external affairs issue, if there is a consensus within the country, then that is the way forward," Singh said.

Nepal's Parliament failed to elect a new Prime Minister on August 6 for the fourth time, further delaying the peace process that ended a decade-long civil war.

The political situation in the country has greatly hampered the peace process, which is a major concern for India as well.

Though not intervening in the government formation, India is lending outside support with Shyam Saran, the Indian Prime Minister's Special Envoy to Nepal, by holding regular meetings with various political parties in a bid to end the stalemate and elect a new Prime Minister.

Rajnath Singh added that even citizens of Nepal are crying for restoration of democracy in the country.

"The people of Nepal now want the restoration of democracy in their homeland. The healthier the democracy is in the country, the happier Nepal will be," he said.

Nepal has not had an effective government since Prime Minister Madhav Kumar who resigned in June, bowing to pressure from Maoist former rebels trying to return to power and oversee the drafting of a republican constitution.

They have already failed three times before to muster enough votes and now face more rounds of voting.

A large number of lawmakers refused to side with either candidate, pressing for a leader based on a consensus of all political parties. But that too has proven elusive. (ANI)

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